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About Our Event Space – The Dixie

Certain names have the power to breathe life and energy into a space, and we wanted to name our event space with bold intentionality. And so, The Dixie was born.

Named after a dear family member of our founder Kelli Riley, the name pulls direct inspiration from a certain Dixie Riley Latu – warrior for justice, equality, and connection. Not only did Dixie believe in fueling passion, encouraging critical thinking, developing leaders, and shaking up the status quo, but also, she fought to empower and equip marginalized groups like Asian and Pacific Islanders & Women of Color.

And while Dixie was a champion for others, she also believed that real change began in the home. All five of her children were raised to be voices of change in their community – acting in compassion and justice. By calling our event space “The Dixie,” we honor her legacy in collaborating, celebrating, and commemorating.

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