Coming January 6-7, 2023

You sit across from me and tell me, “I have a problem, “I have an idea,” or “I hate where I am and don’t know what to do.” I always say “If I could wave a magic wand and remove every obstacle, what would your dream day look like?“ Maybe you have a crystal clear vision that needs very little polish, and just need a big push out into the big, brave world! Maybe you have a tiny idea in the back of your head of what things would look like if they were better for you. 

Enter your Fairy Godmother. I have sat across the desk from over 400 clients who have no idea what to do next, and they leave my office with a plan. 

I will guide you through a retreat where you will not only identify that perfect day and perfect life, but walk out with your detailed plan to achieve it.

•At MagicWand School, we will start with the question and create a vision board. This will be so much more than a collage. This is a holy experience. You are guided by your intuition and when it’s complete you just know. 

•We’ll move to goal-setting like you’ve never done it before. Clear, specific goals partnered with achievable strategies. Will you cry letting go of goals that don’t serve you? Maybe. Will you be laser-focused on what you really want? Absolutely.

•We’ll end the day with a fun happy hour, and then you’ll head off to dinner with groups set up to make meaningful connections. 

•Saturday morning, you’ll take a yoga class with a short meditation that will have you centered on your intentions

We’ll break into two tracks after breakfast: 

We’ll have a group for small goals (1 year or less) and big dreams (long term changes). Each group will do the same activity, but with tailored guidance and mentoring. 

•You will make a timeline in the planner that is included with your registration, complete with deadlines and checkpoints for your goals!

•We’ll make a budget to make that money, honey! Even if your dream is to take a Disney vacation, you’ll need a budget. Don’t be scared!

•At every step in this path, you will be asked to be vulnerable and build up other women in their dreams, and they will do the same for you. You will leave with a group of women who inspire you and are cheering for you!

•The food. It’s going to be amazing. 

Sign up before December 1 to get early bird pricing of $250! Price goes up to $350 after December 1.

We will gather for workshops and yoga at Hustle Workshop in Loveland, CO and we have reserved a block of rooms at the Residence Inn across the street for Friday night. 

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